Everyone Needs A Site 

But not everyone can afford the high prices of most Webmasters.  Site set up is a part of the advertising expense for small business set up.  But most small businesses are struggling just to exist.  This is where we come in.  


What is a web site anyway?

In talking to a lady the other day I realized how little most people know about web sites, so I have tried to come up with a little explanation.  Come and see our BLOG


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There may be way to get FREE hosting and FREE service from me.


Look up grassroots.org

They will refer you to a group called Guidestar.org


It all looks to be free and you are aiming to qualify for Guidestar's Non-profit Tool Box.  The tool box is out of grassroots.org and features a free site hosting account with bluehost

Learn more about this opportunity.



Folks....  the mailing list form below is at present not live....  I am gearing up to form a group and a mailing list...  

Talking about  Web Presence Web Sites Search Engine Marketing Online Marketing of you site and more...  But DO COME BACK!